Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekend Market Success

Well we have just about recovered from a mammoth weekend of marketeering and just in time for another round at the Portside Boutique Markets this coming Sunday.

Saturday's Brisstyle market was so much and so successful for us that we were burning the candle at both ends and busy on the sewing machine till late at night to replenish stocks for the Young Designers Market on Sunday. Both days were equally successful with plenty of positive energy and fantastic feedback which is probably a good thing because I think by the end of the two days that was all the was keeping us standing.

Thanks so much everyone for introducing yourselves! It was great to meet in person and put faces to the names.

Let's hope that next weekend is even more fun and just as successful! If today is anything to go by it should be PretaPawte has been featured in yet another great Treasury on Etsy and this one made the front page! Thanks so much to Stacey of CreaShines for putting this wonderful Treasury together.

1 comment:

  1. Your collars are very nice, and Fui and Suey look great in them.

    I love the pictures of Alvin sitting on top of the sewing machine, awesome.


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