Sunday, June 14, 2009

Looking forward to the BrisStyle Indie Markets

Its been a busy week here at PretaPawte as we recover from our YDM market preparations.

As you can see from the photos below Alvin is a hard task master and he had me working (under his watchful eye) at the sewing machine day and night getting the stock ready for the market.

As a team we managed to get everything done and the market was a success. We got plenty of positive feedback, some well earned sales and some great ideas to have an even better stall next month.

Speaking of next month, if you missed us at YDM then drop on down to Racecourse Rd, Hamilton on the 4th July to see us and lots of other great BrisStyle girls at the BrisStyle Indie markets.


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  2. Plenty of Pet Lovers at the Boutique Market Portside on Sunday. Would love to see you at the next market.

  3. Hello! Patsy, my hardworking assistant (shihtzu-maltese) loves your blog and the collars. We are in Bris so will try and drop into your stall on 4 July if possible! I'll send you a pic of her 'modelling' her new item! Just wondering if you have any paisley or dragonfly designs????
    Cheers, Karen & Patsy

  4. Hi Karen,
    We have one Dragonfly themed design and some Paisley-esque but not true paisley designs as well.


  5. Thanks Alison, will jump on etsy and have a look.
    Kind regards :-)

  6. Hi Alison, I've checked your store - so many beautiful designs I couldn't choose. I'll come to the market day on 4 July and pick in person! Is there any other colour in the dragonfly?? Patsy is very girly and would really like pink or red???

  7. Oh my heavens, Alvin is funny and yet scary at the same time. Even though I would love cuddle breaks from him at the same time I'd feel a little pressured under those watchful task master eyes!

    On another note, I don't usually do this but I've given you a blog award, the details are over on my blog. Don't feel that you have to play along as I know we're all super busy at the moment :)


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