Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Boutique Markets

Thanks to everyone that came and visited at the Boutique Markets on Sunday.

The PretaPawte market stall had a bit of a face lift for the markets, so here are some photos for those that couldn't make it on the day.
Tony hones in on a prospective customer
Cat collar display
The new Banner and backdrop
The dog collar range on display

Thank you to everyone who gave us great feedback on the day!

See you all at Portside Next month on the 8th November 2009!


  1. I love your tablecloth, and your display looks great.

  2. Your new stall set up looked amazing! Even from right down my end of the market is stood out - it's really impressive - well done Tony & Alison!

  3. Looks great - congratulations!!!

  4. Love your display and the tablecloth is brilliant! I've been wanting to purchase one of your collars for my Anni for quite some time now. I'm off to your shop! :)

  5. Your shop looks wonderful - I love what you have done with the table cloth - very clever.

  6. What a great display! It would certainly get my attention and I'd be there checking out all your great collars!

  7. What a great array of products. I am sure everyone would have loved them.

  8. very cool, very cool indeed Al and Tony! Looking forward to seeing your new set up fur real in the morning at the YDM!



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