Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monika's Doggie Rescue

On the back of last week's successful campaign for the RSPCA, PretaPawte has this week decided to give to a smaller but by no means less worthy organisation.

This week's design is the Aqua Kaleidescope Dog Collar as shown below and for everyone sold PretaPawte will donate $1 to Monika's Doggie Rescue.

Last week Monika's Doggie Rescue put out a plea asking for help as due to the financial crisis after 17 years of saving abandoned dog and puppies Monika's was going to have to close its doors. Monika was hoping to rasie $75,000 over the next 3 months just to keep things running. The appeal was picked up by newspapers and TV and radio stations and there was a great swell of support but they still need more help to continue.

We may be small here at PretaPawte but still feel that every little bit helps, so for the next week for every Aqua Kaleidescope Dog Collar sold PretaPawte will donate $1 to Monika's Doggie Rescue.


  1. What a worthwhile organisation to support - you are so thoughtful. Sadly, our golden retriever is no more, otherwise I would be mighty tempted to have a spunky collar wardrobe for her.

  2. Hi!

    I would like to purchase a new collar for my cat Dingo where in Brisbane can i find you ?

    thank you!

  3. At the moment we are just selling online


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