Friday, April 10, 2009


When I was younger my family had a dog called Zoe. My sister and I still maintain that our "Zoedog" was the best dog that there ever was. Zoe wasn't the cuddliest of dogs and in fact she never wanted to sit on our laps. Come to think of it she spent most of her time trying to make a run for the front door for an escape to freedom.

So Today I was flooded with childhood memories as I received thanks from Thea from Thea&Sami who purchased this PretaPawte Collar for her dog Zoe. Thanks Thea, Zoe looks fantastic in her PretaPawte Collar (even if she is too shy to show her face on camera)My Zoe was an pure bred Australian Terrier who came with the name Marjorie Jackson although of very successful show stock herself was not of show material and we changed her name to Zoe. The only show that she did attend she won both the fancy dress (as a hula girl, she was way ahead of her time as in the 80's not may people had outfits for their dogs) and the Good-O eating competition... she was such a super star and we loved her dearly.

Zoe was such a trooper and survived a painful knee dislocation and reconstruction operation, which did hamper her escape attempts, as well as almost being choked by a cocos palm seed which saw about 10cm of her intestine being removed after she decided it looked like a tasty morsel in the garden one day (I think mum still has the seed after it was removed). But despite all that and a few life threatening ticks Zoe lived to the ripe old age of 18 when mum and Dad had to make the hard decision to let her go. Zoe hasn't been with us for about 6 years now but she was the coolest dog ever and although she only wore a plain red collar (which still sits on her grave) I am sure that if given the chance she would have loved a PretaPawte collar to wear as she roamed the neighbourhood on one of her escapades.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story about your Zoe. Our Zoe is extremely cuddly - in fact, she demands cuddles. She nearly died too by swallowing a knee high hosiery when she was 8 months old and lost 1/3 of her intestine. But she is still going strong and will be 10 next month.


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