Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's all about cats

OK so for the past couple of weeks PretaPawte has been supporting some fantastic organisations that help out dog's in need by finding them loving families but now its time to get back to our roots and do something for the cats.

We got Alvin from the Cat Protection Society in Enmore in the middle of last year and he is now the most spoilt cat that ever lived....or at least he's in the running. He has mountains of toys and his own toy box, a filtered water fountain, an automatic feeder, only eats the super premium food and has a whole back deck netted in for his own enjoyment...but he is worth it and it is thanks to the Cat Protection Society that we have him as part of our family and that i wake up each morning to his soothing purr and a paw in my face (not so soothing)

Over the last couple of days Alvin has been rather vocal, chirping, meowing and not to mention purring and it has been hard to understand what he wants but maybe this is it?? Till the end of April for every cat collar sold PretaPawte will give $1 to the Cat Protection Society.

Check out some of our cat collar designs below;


  1. now I wish I had a cat. My litle poppets are chihuahuas. Very spoilt. Would you consider making harnesses to add to the collection. Collars are a lovely fashion accessory for my guys, but when its time for a walk, because of their size I prefer a harness. I'd love them to look "PretaPawte" groovy on their evening stroll. Cathy

  2. I have had a few requests for harnesses and am in the process of tweaking the design. Stay tuned becasue they will be available soon.

  3. Oh Yippee! Im so glad. I cant wait to see them. Cathy:)

  4. Hi !

    Very happy with my collar I will post a picture of myself on "Love for Art" very soon.

  5. Oh my gosh... I wish my cat was an out side cat... Dory is an inside cat due to native Australian animals. Thanks for stopping past our blog... Yep due to popular demand we'll be doing adult sizes soon... first we need to get the long sleeves in.

    xo Steph


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